Caleb C.
Affordable, fast response time, and great service. Ignacio restored the power in my room in about half an hour. Definitely recommend.
Allison B.
Mr. Ignacio Munoz is very knowledgeable, he and his son are professional and personable. We are very happy with the job they did, they are affordable, reasonable and efficient! I give them 5 out of 5 stars and will recommend them to family and friends.
Richard C.
They responded to my call quickly and when I approved their bid the job was completed right away. Totally satisfied. All workers wore masks and were friendly and professional. Great value. Will use again.
Christie W.
We had a problem with the kitchen fluorescent lightbox. We found out one of the two ballast was not working and offer to look for a replacement ballast, which he found out that box is obsolete and suggested to replace with an LED box. A few days later, his son and another technician came to install the new LED box and the LED lights. It was amazing to be able to see and cook dinner. They left my kitchen the same as before they came in to work on the problem. I think you will like these guys. They were friendly, thorough, and clean. They went the extra mile to check the main electrical box for any defect before leaving. Thank you. Christie Wu
Mark V.
We currently rent our home and for the longest time we had problems with the wiring of our house. The laundry room, garage, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and master bedroom was all connected to one line and breaker. So during the summer and winter the breaker would short/trip all the time! It was annoying bc it would wake our infant everytime the wall AC or heater abruptly stopped... Our landlord prolonged to fix it bc they wanted to save cash. Finally they did when I told them this could be a fire hazard and we have an infant and as renters they need to fix it as it is law to keep tenants safe. They sent the first electrician but their quote was expensive and it would have taken 2-3 days. So they sent Coast Electric Co. Ignacio and his partner came to check out the problem and gave a quote. It was much lower and they said they'll take only one day. AND on top of that they weren't going to cut through the drywall. This was in the summer Aug. 2020 and it was real hot up in the attic... but they worked hard and tirelessly to rewire everything so the breakers wouldn't trip/short. While wearing a mask for covid protocol. At the end they did an amazing job and rewired everything and they even went the extra mile by putting in an extra breaker and cleaned up some exposed wires in the backyard (for our safety). Hire these guys! They are super talented, hardworking, they do a thorough job, friendly and fair priced. It's been 6 months and no problems with any breakers tripping. Thanks Coast Electric, you guys saved us from sleepless nights (crying baby)!